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Groups & Programs

There are various sub-clubs and groups meeting weekly or monthly. Some are for you and your kids, while others are just for us moms! Groups revolve around all types of activities such as playgroups, book club, coffee club, crafting club, wine club, photography club and more. We’re sure you can find a group that does something you love to do, so it’s up to you to join with others who love to do it too. Below is a list of our ongoing groups.

Adult Socials

Couples’ Night Out

Come out and enjoy a date night with other parents. A new Couples’ Night Out is organized each quarter. In the past this has included Murder Mysteries, bocce ball, and ballroom dancing, to name a few. Each event is for couples only, though nursing infants are welcome. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Mom’s Night Out

Whether it’s movies and ice cream or bowling and pizza, who could resist a night out with the girls! Quarterly, we have an organized event just for moms. Activities have included dinner and a movie, bowling, ceramics, and pajama parties. It’s a great stress reliever and a guaranteed great time with fellow LM members. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Dad’s Night out

We also organize activities for Dads to meet other Dads in the club once a quarter. Activities have included baseball games, hockey games, paintball, indoor kart racing. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Secret Pals

Secret Pals Club is a great opportunity to get to know new and old members. This event only runs once a year, so don’t miss out! Weekly, you give and get “surprises” at your door step. It really is fun to surprise and be surprised! LM members can check the current newsletter or contact cheer@livermoremoms.com to see when the next round of fun begins.

Book Club

The Book Club meets once a month to discuss a new, exciting novel. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Contact Aimee Holloway

Children's Craft Club
Children's Outing
Crafting Club

Take off from the kids to get caught up on your scrapbooking, card making, painting, crafting of any kind with other mom’s interested in the same thing. Share ideas, conversations, and get to meet other moms. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Contact Kristina Plattner or Jessica Stevens

Dads Subclub
Family Activities (Club Sponsored)

We have family activities throughout the year that are sponsored by the club. Most notably is our annual Family Picnic, Pumpkin Patch Outing, and Eggstravaganza. Your annual dues fund these great activities and the kids just love them!

Fit & Well Club

Fit and Well Club is a sub club within Livermore Mom’s Club. Our mission is to have a safe medium where we can set goals and motivate each other to meet them. Through words of encouragement, words of motivation, getting active, positive attitude, and rising to the occasion. This is also a place where we can share healthy eating habits, recipe sharing and learn how to make/cook healthy foods for us and our families.

Contact Kim Phirman

Foster/Adoptive Families


Danielle Roth

Green Living Club

Ever thought about how you can live a cleaner and eco-friendly life? The Green Living club will help with tips and advice on how to make your family waste free!

Contact Alison Richins Chodash

Meal Maker Program

Our members generously volunteer to cook four meals per newborn for new moms or in times of need. This is a fabulous way to get involved and meet other members. There is a definite bond between our cooks and our new moms, so let us know if you want to cook for someone or need someone to cook for you.

Movie Club

Contact Brinna Debus


Some playgroups meet in homes, others in parks. Check out our currently available Playgroups to see if one fits your schedule and children’s ages. These are not the only playgroups we have — you can contact the playgroup coordinator if you have a specific day and time in mind and she can help you find one. If we can’t find one that suits you, we can help find other moms like you and start one. There are playgroups forming all the time!


Did you know that as a member of the Livermore Moms, you are expected to volunteer for at least one function, activity or office to support the club? There are many ways to do this, such as hosting a meeting, joining the board, or making a meal, and we know you’ll find that it’s a fun way to get to know other members. Contact directors@livermoremoms.com for more information about current opportunities.

Walking Club
Wine Club

We live in the perfect place if you are a wine lover … and you are not alone. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Contact Tammy Krystofiak

Working Moms Sub Club

If you are a working mom, please join us and be surrounded by other women who are in the same position. The goal of this sub-club is to provide a support system for working moms, to provide a network where information can be exchanged that’s pertinent to being a working parent and to set up monthly outings just for the moms. LM members can check the current newsletter for meet-up details.

Contact Katrina Scheffer

Facebook Community

LM has created a Livermore Moms Facebook group where moms can exchange information and ask for help. You must be an LM member to join this group. Email chat@livermoremoms.com if you’re a member interested in joining the fun. We also have numerous sub-club and playgroup Facebook pages which give you more information on each of our awesome sub-clubs!