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LM Resources

We are a club that aims to help our members in many facets of their life. In our LM Resources pages you will find links to Mom-to-Mom members business directory, our advertisers, a list of local parks, and Livermore community links. We hope that you find these resources helpful.

Our Advertisers

Get connected with the local businesses that support our club by purchasing ad space in our monthly newsletters. Click on their ad space and you will be redirect to their business website where you can find more information about their services or products.

Community Links

Find local services on the web with our handy links.

Livermore Parks

We have great parks in Livermore. Venture beyond your park-down-the-street and check out some of the other wonderful parks just a short walk or drive away.

Mom-to-Mom Marketplace

The M2M Marketplace is exclusive for our member-owned businesses. It is distributed biweekly, directly to our members’ email. If you own a business and would like to advertise in M2M, line ads are only $5 per month or $20 for twelve calendar months. This is a great opportunity to reach over 250 other moms and their families. You may also advertise charities or fund raisers in which you or your family are involved, like Girl Scouts, school fundraisers, Special Olympics, or local charities. Contact¬†advertising@livermoremoms.com¬†for more information

Mom-to-Mom Directory

You Must Be a Member To See This Directory

List of businesses owned by fellow members. Browse the Mom-to-Mom Directory next time you are in need of service, you most likely will find what you are looking for within our club. This is a great way to network with and support members.