Sub Clubs

Did you know as a part of your membership to Livermore Moms, you have access to almost a dozen sub clubs?! Check out the list below to see if any of the clubs match your interests. 

Feel free to email if you have any questions!

Meal Makers
Meal Makers is a wonderful sub-club that provides meals to Livermore Moms and their families in need. Some moms request meals when they have a new baby; others request meals when they or a family member has had surgery and making dinner is a hardship.

Movie Club
Meets once a month to attend a movie.

Book Club
Meet-up to discuss the book of the month. Currently meeting online.

Fit & Well Club
Activities range from yoga to hiking, to meal planning over wine at Swirl.

Kids Craft Club
A fun monthly meet-up with a messy art/craft or sensory activity.

Wine Club
Meet once a month at a different location and enjoy some wine with fellow wine lovers.

“All in-person activities are paused in accordance with the state and county guidelines.”