Sub Clubs

Did you know as a part of your membership to Livermore Moms, you have access to almost a dozen sub clubs?! Check out the list below to see if any of the clubs match your interests. 

Feel free to email if you have any questions!

Meal Makers
Meal Makers is a wonderful sub-club that provides meals to Livermore Moms and their families in need. Some moms request meals when they have a new baby; others request meals when they or a family member has had surgery and making dinner is a hardship.

Foster/Adoptive Families Club
If you have or are planning to go through the adoption/ foster process, have used alternative means of having a child, and are looking to share your stories and support other moms, this is the club for you. This group is a space, where your thoughts and stories will not be shared outside of the group itself without your approval.

Craft Club
The Craft Club sub-club was created to allow LM members a space to gather and to create seasonal crafts. Through the pandemic, all projects have been “home projects” thus far.

Children’s Outings 
Perfect activities for the family! Some past outings include visits to the fire station, train rides through Nile Canyon and guided nature walks

Movie Club
Meets once a month to attend a movie.

Book Club
Meet-up to discuss the book of the month. Currently meeting online.

Dads Club
A chance for Dads to come together and celebrate fatherhood with casual outings and fun events.

Finances Club
If you have questions on how to budget or are looking for some advice about a financial situation you are, this is the space to do so!

Fit & Well Club
Activities range from yoga to hiking, to meal planning over wine at Swirl.

Kids Craft Club
A fun monthly meet-up with a messy art/craft or sensory activity.

Mom Bosses Club
Boss Momma meeting to connect and come together to talk and relax from the busy day and work pressure.

Secret Pals
Yearly exchange of Christmas gifts with a fellow mom.

Volunteer Committee
Mommas volunteering their time to support each other.

Walking Club
Morning walks to grab some fresh air and friendly conversation.

Wine Club
Meet once a month at a different location and enjoy some wine with fellow wine lovers.

Working Moms
Perfect opportunity to meet other working mamas and relax over a happy hour/dinner/etc.

“All in-person activities are paused in accordance with the state and county guidelines.”